24 January 2011,  Letter from Mr. Cunningham (full text)
8 February,  Reply from Dr. Lewis of New Forest (full text)
10 February,  Forester Today,
It's not over. Campaigners are planning to mount a legal challenge to Government plans to take the Forest of Dean out of public ownership. HOOF is concerned the Government is not following due process, by launching a consultation four months after, rather than before, a proposed law - the Public Bodies Bill - that will give ministers the power to dispose of the Forest of Dean. An individual has started the legal process to seek a Judicial Review, on the grounds the Bill's forestry proposals and consultation are taking away public property without the public's consent (full text).

15 February,  Reply from Parliament.   It has long been established that Parliamentary proceedings are not a matter which is amenable to Judicial Review.  I will not be filing an acknowledgement of service under the meaning of CPR part 5.4.8. (full text )
16 February,  Environment secretary Caroline Spelman is to announce tomorrow that a consultation into the proposals is being halted (full text).

17 February,  BBC morning news:Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman will address MPs at about 13:00 GMT, and is expected to confirm the current consultation is being halted. Another government source said the Public Bodies Bill, which allows for woodlands to be sold off, would now be amended.

17 February,  Hansard, Shadow Environment Minister,  Why has this decision been made,  when only yesterday the prime minister told the house that the consultation on the forests set to run until April would continue?

The revised consultation survey