Choose a username (or just append ? and a username to the url chat.html)  .

All you have to do now is press this button (or click this phone)  

Optional Settings -- these affect outgoing video and you can change them.

Here are some settings which you can change if you like:

Choose a resolution (80x60 is best if you aren't sure of your other chat partners' internet rate)  ×

Choose an audio bit-rate. Use a low rate if anyone has a low CPU device

Choose in seconds how often you'd like your transmission to clear latency and reset . The display might slightly blink or say 'please stand by' for half a second when this is taking place.

Choose whether you'd like to transcode the outgoing video before uploading it. The second option (transcoding before uploading) is best for streaming continuity, but on a 2-core netbook with low CPU capabilities the first option might be the only one usable.

Choose how you'd like to see your own video. You can use this to see how much latency other viewers are seeing. The first option is the one you should use to minimize CPU and net use. The second option bypasses the server with an internal fileReader, the third treats your own video exactly like the others.

Note: During a chat you should probably use the button which will be at the top of the chat screen to 'hide' your own video to prevent feedback.